Je suis adrien lamy ,
a young
interactive developer

Now available in freelancing flavor!

À propos

I’m a blazing-fast front-creative-end rockstar dev from paris, france, oui!

Currently available for freelancing work, feel free to get in touch with 👇

or send me something at

I worked at big youth, and did weird stuff at gobelins, l’école of l’image.

Most of the time, you can find me passionately looking at :

Oh, i currently have 0 awwwards and 0 fwas.

Very nice!

Here's some of my stuff :

Atomic Digital Design — Freelancing work.
Development of their 2020 portfolio.

Melt Hamburger — Freelancing work.
Development of their 2020 tasty website.

Frandroid — Freelancing work.
Part of the development team for their 2019 rebranding.

Copie Double — Video game for my final school project at Gobelins.
A multiplayer mayhem where cheating is winning.

Néo-soft — Done at Big Youth for Néo-soft Groupe.

Nüton — Prototype for a school project.
A mobile game made with Unity and Google Cloud Vision in which you can build planets by taking photos of the real world.

You can also find some of my most experimental experiments on

Ok cool bye!